Bodhi - Quantum Entanglement EP

Bodhi - Quantum Entanglement EP - Cover

QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT is a fantastic new 5-track psychedelic EP by Bodhi (a.k.a. Bodhisattva 13:20 or Bodhi 13:20) out of California. This intense musical movement extends the vibe created with Equations (2009) and Delirium (2013) that innovatively incorporates hard psy head trips with dance stomps and grooves; perfectly suitable for extended outdoor gatherings. The title track draws inspiration from the definition behind it: particles interacting and ultimately becoming entangled with each other on a quantum level; hyper-melodies entangling with contrasting liquid space and intense beats. Lexicon Protocol is a techy bubbly bouncy and steady trip, exploring the evolution of communication on a psychedelic, spiritual, and even psychic and telepathic level. Flabbergasted is the smoother length of this journey with a more medium-paced progressive and bassy take on hard psy, paying homage to Disney's Mathemagic Land. Hand-Kroffted Mind pays respect to the Krofft brother's creativity, sampling H.R. Puff-N-Stuff, Land of the Lost, etc.; this track moves in and out of hard psy synth lines, spacey melodies, edgy bass-lines, breaks, grooves, and tripped-out funkiness. Pinball Wizard is a fun exciting hard driving experimental percussive almost twilight-style track, sampling pinball machines as well as Are You Afraid of the Dark, The Who, and In Bruges; it re-creates a story of a gamer battling an sentient pinball machine. In all, these tracks are hard, edgy, clean, trippy, dancy, "...while all retaining Bodhi's traditional 150 BPM tempo with 24-bit wav files."We are integrating science and spirituality! Enjoy!

JellyFish Frequency Recordings unites with international artist Bodhi to bring you this unprecedented E.P. release of epic proportions !

We have agreed to select The Richard Dawkins Foundation to be the subject that this E.P. will benefit.

More about Richard Dawkins Foundation can be found here:
From their website:

"Our mission is to support scientific education and critical thinking to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering."

Written and Produced by C.L. Martin in 2012-2013
Mastered by Arahat (Tom G.) @ Psycircle Studios, San Diego, CA, USA
Artwork by Sean Wendt
Special Thanks to Johan Konvndrvm, Kindzadza, Bridget Angel, Meerkat, Electrypnose, Mubali, Arahat, Limbertimbre, and the Psycircle crew.
RELEASE: May 15th, 2013