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Salad Scream

Greetings (E)(A)RTHLINGS, im "SKUNK"AKA"SALAD SCREAM, im located on Rosarito Beach sorrounded by a desert state (BAJA CALIFORNIA , MEXICO) rigth under the southern (CALIFORNIA, U.S.A) border ,"SALAD SCR(E)AM" is basicly my inner dis-order and expression on societys struggles and insanity and really trying to open mind's threw (A) active meditive psychedelical state of mind,body & soul experience with the technology and instrument's of the 21st century & with my nomad background and iconoclast/misanthropic ideal's just trying to make some more dark throbbing acid music in general with influence quote's such as "TURN ON, TUNE IN,DROP OUT" , "QUESTION EVERYTHING" by Terrence Mcenna. And Goa Gil's secret to life" the point of view". i hope to dealever more than just trance music for the body's but also bringging drippy message's and and really like i said MIND OPENER for all those beeing's that give there time to enjoi and interpet music and life as one and to create consciousness and respect for a new world order of our own.
Also have a project with my good friend "rahma zabba" in a dual project called"PHOLiOT MiND'S" witch is another chapter in the endless book of dimension's of reality & also i run a record label/mini distro with some of my close friend's and fantastic chowsen few artist that i collab with and work threw out the label named "POINT OF VIEW MUSIC" a d.i.y. label for the unusaul noon stereostype psytrance genre basicly working with intreging psycore,psygressive,experimental Dark/Trance.This is our time and life to enjoi .This is not vengeance this is justice,this is not revolution this is simply (E)volution! destroy power not people figth war not war's.