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Daisy Pusher

Daisy Pusher (Nathan Torres) - Stemming from the underground rave couture in NV,UT,and CA his travels brought him to Portland OR around “02″. During his stay in the NW he discovered Psytrance and was slingshot into a life full of endless twisting sounds and alien landscapes. Becoming infected with this new world of sound, he has spent the last 9 years honing his own audio productions and learning new mind altering techniques along the way. Daisy Pusher is Nathan's high BPM trance project thats still on the darker spectrum of trance with lots of deep spaces and glitched out synth lines. Recently returning home from a long stay in Denver CO his family is happily back in the NW and continues helping people to awaken to new and interesting horizons. Nathan is happy to be a part of the JellyFish Frequency family and looks forward to the great things ahead!