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Safe Production

The company adheres to the principle of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management”, and focuses on promoting the implementation of the main responsibility of safety production and improving the safety production quality of all employees, promoting the standardization of safety production and striving to build an intrinsically safe enterprise. In 2019, the company did not have serious production accidents caused by serious injuries and large economic losses, and the overall safety production situation was relatively stable.

Organizational construction

In order to protect the safety of the company's employees and property, maintain the smooth progress of the company's production and operation activities, earnestly implement the "Safe Production Law", in accordance with the "Zhejiang Province Safety Production Regulations", implement the safety responsibility system, the company set up a safety production leading group, and clearly The specific job responsibilities of the relevant positions.

Training education

The company conducts “three-level safety education” and assessment for new employees, and organizes safety training such as process safety and equipment safety operation. In 2019, 20000 new employees were given a three-level safety education. The company has a total of 73 special equipment management personnel and operators, all of whom are qualified for training, obtained the national special operation personnel certificate, and held the certificate as required.






  • Signing safety production responsibility

    Actively abide by the "Safe Production Law" and advocate the concept of "who is in charge and who is responsible" in the daily work, and sign "safety production responsibility" every year. In 2018, a total of 20 safety production responsibilities were signed.

  • Fire Safety

    In order to effectively strengthen the company's daily safety work, improve the safety awareness and safety prevention and self-rescue capabilities of all employees. On December 27, 2018, the company's safety committee organized a fire emergency safety drill. Through the drills, the safety awareness of the company's employees was strengthened, and the feasibility and operability of the fire prevention plan were tested. It laid a solid foundation for efficient and orderly emergency work in the future.

  • Emergency management

    The company has prepared emergency plans for safety accidents according to actual safety management needs, including fire emergency plan, emergency plan for hazardous chemicals, emergency plan for special equipment accidents, emergency response plan for fire and explosion accidents, and emergency disposal plan for food poisoning.

  • Special equipment management

    According to the "Special Equipment Safety Law" and its supporting regulations, the company invites Jiaxing Special Equipment Testing Institute to carry out routine inspections of the whole plant special equipment (pressure vessels, gas storage tanks, etc.), and the results of various special equipment tests in the whole factory in 2018. Meet the relevant safety standards. The company entrusts professional organizations to carry out routine maintenance and maintenance of special equipment on a regular basis to ensure its normal operation. The company has 6 safety management personnel and 22 special-purpose personnel, all of whom have achieved 100% certification and the certificates are valid.

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