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Green Activity

Environmental indicators

Environmental indicators2016 year2017 year2018 year

Total electricity consumption
(10,000 degrees)


Total energy consumption
(tons of standard coal)


Unit product power consumption
(10,000 degrees / 10,000 yuan)


Green office

Actively advocate "green office, low-carbon life", encourage employees to start from the small things around, cherish every power, every drop of water, every piece of paper, every piece of office supplies, prevent extravagance and waste, enhance the sense of urgency, sense of responsibility And environmental awareness, create a good atmosphere of energy saving and emission reduction.

Green management

1.Improve management system

The implementation of the new "Environmental Protection Law" has brought a new round of environmental protection pressure to enterprises. To achieve the emission standards of waste gas and waste water is a mandatory requirement of the environmental protection law. It is also a corporate obligation. The company will continue to participate in environmental protection and strictly abide by the Environmental Protection Law. Insist on controlling pollution from the source, ensuring discharge of waste water and waste gas, actively promoting clean production, manufacturing green products, and striving to achieve the company's environmental goals.

Continuously increase investment in environmental protection funds, actively promote the application of new technologies, new processes and new products for energy conservation and emission reduction, and apply advanced and mature energy-saving and emission reduction technologies to the actual production process in time to improve the efficiency of energy conservation and emission reduction. In 2018, the company invested 5 million yuan in environmental protection funds and implemented environmental protection projects, all of which met the expected goals.

2.Strengthen environmental training

In the form of special training, we will learn and publicize national laws and regulations on environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and continuously strengthen communication and exchanges with environmental protection organizations. At the same time, actively participate in external environmental protection training to improve the management level and professional ability of environmental management personnel at all levels. By enhancing the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection for all employees, the company actively promotes conservation, green and low-carbon production methods to eliminate waste.


Improve resource

By adjusting the industrial structure, eliminating backward production capacity, and implementing technological transformation, we will ensure that the main energy-saving and emission reduction indicators maintain a downward trend. In recent years, the company's energy efficiency has been greatly improved.


Actively implement energy conservation and emission reduction projects, carry out technological transformation of environmental protection facilities, strengthen operation and maintenance management, and continuously reduce emissions of waste gas, wastewater and solid waste, and have significant emission reduction effects.


In response to the call for national energy conservation and consumption reduction, and actively using renewable energy, in September 2013, the company built a 4.5MW photovoltaic power station using the company's roof space, with an average annual power generation of 4.5 million KWH; this project can improve power quality and strengthen grid stability. At the same time, it also brought certain economic benefits to the company.

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