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Industrial roof will become the main force of distributed photovoltaic

2019-10-24 16:36:23 浙江鸿禧能源股份有限公司 Viewd 1197

[Cable Network News] Because China's large-scale photovoltaic ground power stations are mainly concentrated in western provinces such as Xinjiang and Gansu, combined with obstacles such as light and power cuts, the industry generally believes that the future development direction should be to fully exploit roof resources and vigorously develop distributed photovoltaics. Governments, enterprises, commercial buildings, households, etc. can build distributed power plants through third-party investment or self-construction to obtain investment income. "Distributed photovoltaics have flourished in recent years, but in the real construction process, they have encountered a series of resistance. Distributed PV construction resources are scattered, project construction modes are large, yields are flexible, and technical difficulties are difficult. It is difficult to widely promote the project of 'spontaneous use and surplus electricity online'," said the relevant person in charge of the China Machinery Industry Federation.

Difficulties in the implementation of roofs, difficulty in recovering electricity charges, and difficulty in financing are all important reasons for restricting the development of distributed photovoltaics. In addition, Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Economic Research Center of Xiamen University, also told reporters that another reason why China's distributed development lags behind Europe and the United States is that China's electricity price is low. According to the "spontaneous use, surplus power online" mode, the higher the theoretical cost of electricity, the greater the relative income of the distribution. Because the price level of electricity in Europe and America is higher than that in China, the power of distributed generation is stronger.

The media reporter learned that before the photovoltaic price in China, the new power station will still be dominated by ground power stations. Since China's industrial electricity price is higher than that of civilian electricity, the new distributed power station will also be dominated by industrial roofs. After 2020, with the gradual saturation of the ground power station in the northwestern part of China and the realization of the conditions for PV parity, the distributed photovoltaic will usher in the climax of development. In line with the maturity of energy storage technology, the eastern and southern regions will rise and develop. The upsurge of the power station.

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